What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed onto your computer, tablet, or mobile device by a website. They assist us in in various ways to enhance your customer experience by helping us to understand user behaviour to deliver personalised and useful browsing experiences across our website, making it easier for our customers to navigate. Users have the option of rejecting cookies. But while you can configure your web browser to reject cookies, doing so may limit access to certain features and hinder online booking. By utilising our website, you consent to our cookie employment as outlined in this policy.

Cookie Usage Overview:

  1. Information Collection: Cookies enable us to grasp how you interact with our website, enhancing your online experience.
  2. Personalised Experience: We use cookies to tailor your experience, delivering pertinent information, products, and features.
  3. Enhanced Marketing: Cookies aid in presenting relevant offers and promotions, both on our website and through advertising networks.

What information we collect

During your visit, we automatically collect and retain the following details:

  • Internet domain and IP address used to access our website.
  • Browser software and operating system utilised.
  • Date and time of website access.
  • Website navigation, including pages entered, visited, and exited.
  • Referral information if arriving from another website or email link.

This information helps identify browsing patterns, improve website functionality, assess visitor demographics, and gauge email marketing effectiveness.

Types of Cookies Used:

We employ various types of cookies on our website, each serving distinct purposes:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: Essential for website functionality and online transactions.
  • Analytical/Testing Cookies: Aid in understanding website usage, facilitating improvements and marketing assessments.
  • Behavioural/Functional Cookies: Personalize online experiences based on user preferences.
  • Marketing Cookies: Facilitate targeted advertising and measure ad effectiveness.

Understanding Cookies in Detail:

Cookies are small text files placed on devices, and they help us to identify devices and how each of these devices navigate our website. They are browser-specific, collecting unique data for each device. You can manage cookie settings in your browser preferences, but refusal may limit website functionality.

How Cookies Enhance User Experience:

Cookies enable us to:

  • Understand user behaviour and preferences.
  • Improve website functionality and troubleshoot errors.
  • Personalise user experiences.
  • Tailor advertisements based on browsing history.

Managing Cookies:

You can adjust browser settings to accept, reject, or manage cookies. Additionally, you can clear existing cookies and change preferences at any time. However, refusing cookies may restrict website features and online booking capabilities.